The Lonely Bird Trio 孤独鸟三重奏



爵士鼓:Alex Ritz


管风琴:Steinar Nickelsen

Alex Ritz - drums

Lin Di – Pipa and vocal

Steinar Nickelsen - organ




2010年4月,由挪威管风琴手Steinar Nickelsen,中国琵琶演奏家和歌手林笛以及美国鼓手Alex Ritz组成的The Lonely Bird Trio (孤独鸟三重奏)在上海成立。乐队的领导人物Steinar Nickelsen是一位杰出的管风琴演奏家和作曲家,曾发行过九张唱片,在他遇到林笛之后,萌发了将管风琴和琵琶结合的念头,这是一个很好的创意,为他的作品带来了新的风格和灵感。乐队在经历了大大小小的演出之后,目前正在陆续创作新的作品。

The chinese "Pipa" and the electric organ are not often heard together so this band features a fresh new sound. The band plays moodful and groovy original compositions by Nickelsen and LinDi in a style influenced by jazz, rock and pop. The repertoir includes famous hits as “The Boat”, “If I knew” and “Tarvu”.

Steinar Nickelsen is from Norway have been living in Shanghai since 2007. His main instrument is the "Hammond" Organ, but he also performs on piano and other keyboard instruments. In 2002 he was elected "Young Norwegian Jazz Musician of the Year" with the band "Solid!".  He have played concerts and toured with many Norwegian bands and with jazz stars such as Pat Metheny. He has release 9 CD's.

LinDi is a singer, songwriter, pianist,  photographer and a painter from Shanghai, China. She began learning pipa, a kind of Chinese traditional instrument, at the age of four. She studied piano, pipa and composition at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 2001 she started a band, Cold Fairyland which has toured in Europe and played extensiviely in China. She has release 3 solo alubms and 4 band albums.


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