2013.3.8 9pm  YuYinTang LiveHouse

Cold Fairyland


Candy Shop

Ticket:60RMB(30RMB for Girl)


Cold Fairyland: Cold Fairyland 2008 Finland Tour



Tree Music’s first performance DVD is Cold Fairyland Finland Tour 2008. Recorded in February 2008, it documents the bands outstanding performances in a non stop, five day tour across Europe’s frozen North. Every day is a new journey, a new city, and a new show. A truly unforgettable experience by Shanghai’s own Cold Fairyland.《Cold Fairyland 2008 Finland Tour DVD》16 Songs + 1 movie 





Perform update till the end of 2011


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2011 ZhenJiang Strawberry Festival

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2011.5.12《MidNight Light》Concert

2010.12.26 Cold Fairyland in MaoLive House

2010.11.20 Cold Fairyland @ Mural Bar

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2009 Shanghai JZ Music Festival

Cold Fairyland play in Beijing Starlive

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The Spain Trip Diary Finished!










Cold Fairyland, is based in Shanghai, China. Their style combines Eastern melodies and rhythms with Western symphonic rock and classical music. The band has two sides; classical and rock, which allows them to play in concert halls as well as in rock clubs.Their genre is best described as progressive rock......blue05_next.gif

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